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    New year, new brand and web..

    As we already mentioned in the previous article, this year is going to be ground-breaking. It had all begun with the new logo that we had introduced you in November, after that we were finally able to start also with the websites. We hope that we did a great job and you will be satisfied with it at least as we are.

    More information about the website:

    New websites were made by the company Digital Trends, which is also our tournament partner. We are really glad that we chose them. Together we were able to set up the whole web exactly in the way we imagined. Before the start of the tournament you can find a countdown at the home page. As the tournament starts the countdown will change into the “people counter”. Next part is the Registration zone that we are really proud of. You can only fill in the registration here so far. During the tournament it will be possible to see also all results and standings here. Another part worth mentioning is our blog, where you can find news and stories from the background. Last but not least is “about tournament” section, which contains all the results from last years and photos.

    In next few days we are going to start off our Instagram profile by which you will be able to look behind the scenes of planning and organizing the whole tournament. During the event we will also post a lot of news and photos.